About Us

Hi lovely’s! 
My name is India Shaw and I am the founder and CEO of Fitlife Fitness. 

My love for fitness began at a young age as I began my health journey at the small age of 12 while weighing 170 lbs. In my teen years my weight fluctuated a large amount as I explored different methods of weight-loss. My weight got as high as 200 pounds and as low as 130 pounds during that time. It wasn’t until 2018 when I began teaching as a fitness instructor on my college campus that I grasped the concept of true health and wellness. 
After extensive research and trial and error I lost 50 pounds through holistic health practices and have kept it off since :) While teaching my fitness class I was able to implement the research I’d studied and helped transform the health of many individuals. This kickstarted my brand now known as Fitlife Fitness. 
After graduating college I began teaching my fitness course in churches, schools, studios, and programs in the Kansas City area. While teaching in a dance studio, my personal daily drinks caught the eye of the studio director and I began selling drinks at the studio daily. Both parents and students began consuming my drinks and before I knew it random people were calling me asking for detox. This kickstarted my fellow brand Jutox by FitLife. 
I’ve now been working as a health specialist for 3 years and love every second of it. It is my short and long-term goal to enhance the health of as many young girls, families, and children as possible❤️